Travel time in VRR-region

Tim Holthaus/ January 5, 2020/ Reisezeiten ÖV

Isorchones for fastest trip between source and destination in VRR-region at weekend. Start between 16:00 – 16:30. Results are based on an 500m grid. Only trips with a duration <= 5 hrs are calculated. Long-distance traffic is not included. Furthermore walk distance is set to a maximum of 2 km for whole trip. Original GTFS-Data was faulty and had to be corrected manually.

Starting with Main Stations

As an example the map below shows the fastest travel time for friday 2020-01-03 startig between 16:00 an 16:30 at Wuppertal, and Schwerte (Ruhr) Main Station without long-distance traffic.

Travel times for Wuppertal Main Station (16:00-16:30 2020-01-03)
Travel times for Schwerte(Ruhr) Main Station (16:00-16:30 2020-01-03)

Furthermore isochrones are calculated for the main stations of Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Essen and Bochum.

If you like to have timetable comparisons or travel times for certain locations in the VRR region, send me a list with start coordinates (WGS84) and the desired time (weekday / weekend and time) to

Due to the interpolation between the destinations, the dynamic map below only shows approximate times. Furthermore the dynamic map shows the results for Saturday (2020.01.04).

The interactive map embedded below accesses a server that performs the calculations. For reasons of environmental protection, it is not yet online 24/7. A solution to this is being worked on. The content shown here is on an energy-efficient but hardware-limited single-board computer. A demo of the application can be found in the following video. If you are interested in the interactive map or have any questions on the subject, please use the contact form.